Teresian Route “From the Cradle to the Tomb"

Mancera de Abajo is part of the route which links the birthplace of St. Teresa in Ávila with Alba de Tormes, where she died and where her remains are buried.  Travelling along the route gives us a glimpse into some of the transcendental enclaves in the lives of St. Teresa of Jesus and St. John of the Cross, and the history of the Carmelite order. Some examples include Guarantor, where St. Teresa lived as a child; Fontiveros, where St. John of the Cross was born; or Duruelo, the site where the first male order was founded, and shortly thereafter moved to Mancera de Abajo.

Entrepreneurs and city councils in the area, aware of the tourist appeal of St. Teresa and St. John of Cruz, promoted the creation of this route in anticipation of the fifth centenary of the saint’s birth in 2015.  The route was designed by a Carmelite monk from Avila and a group of young volunteers signposted it in 2013. The provincial councils of Avila and Salamanca promoted it until it became the popular pilgrimage route that it is today.

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