St. John of the Cross, confessional and confessor

In front of the palace of Mancera de Abajo there stands a statue of Juan de la Cruz. Confessional and confessor.

Its creator is the sculptor and painter, Juan Francisco Pro, born in Paradises de San Juan (Salamanca) in 1960, who worked on the statue, from creation to completion, from 2018 to 2022.

He began his career as an artist working with wood, since it was a manageable material to which he could add colour and tone in constant movement, but in 1990 the need to find new languages led him to mix wood with iron. It is precisely this contrast of textures and materials, as well as their relationship with space, which are two of the constants in his creations.

In 1995 he made a name for himself by taking second place in the National Sculpture Competition “El toro Bravo” sponsored by the Castilla y León Government. Two years later, in 1997, he won first prize in the Second National Sculpture Biennial “Mateo Hernández”, and in 1998 he won first prize in Salamanca’s First National Painting Awards, "Lar de Lares”.

In 2000 he was selected by the Government of Castilla y León to participate in the Florence Biennial, and in 2003 he exhibited in New York.

He works with metals as though he were an alchemist, having created a new technique called Prometales: cold fusion of copper and zinc, where water serves as a catalyst and fixative. It is a new artistic language that achieves a range of colours and shades and that make his works enormously attractive and original.  In the sculpture of St. John of the Cross, Juan Francisco Pro employs a technique based on the use of iron with hydrolysed copper and nickel to create a single piece measuring 170 x 60 x 50 centimetres.

In Juan Francisco Pro's paintings and sculptures there is a tense balance between presence and absence, thanks to which he achieves an articulation of form that generates serenity and stimulation at the same time. His work is a mix of suspension and harmony.


Ayuntamiento de Mancera de Abajo. 2018
Plaza La Paz, 1 - 37315 - Mancera de Abajo. Telf.: 923 56 00 01