The Lords of Mancera

After his death in 1488, the First Duke of Alba, García Álvarez de Toledo, left five villas to his eighth son, Pedro Álvarez de Toledo y Enriquez, the one in Mancera de Abajo being one of them. He thus became the First Lord of Mancera and the Five Villas, marking the beginning of a lordship that later became a marquisate and has remained so to this day.

Between 1498 and 1502, the First Lord of Mancera built a palace whose ruins are still preserved today. A total of seven generations lived there until the middle of the 17th century, when they moved their residence to the Royal Court in Madrid.

Luis de Toledo, Forth Lord of Mancera and the Five Villas, is the town’s most important historical figure, as it was thanks to him that the Carmelite order arrived in Mancera de Abajo. Driven by his strong religious faith, he proposed to St. John of the Cross and Friar Antonio Heredia to move their first foundation of male Discalced Carmelites to Mancera, giving them the land and paying for the work. He also contributed financially to a variety of work done on the parish church.

But in addition to Luis de Toledo, Fourth Lord, other members of the family were also outstanding figures of their time. His second son, Pedro de Toledo y Leyva, First Marquis of Mancera, was very close to King Philip IV, who granted him the Marquisate of Mancera in 1623, made him his war advisor and appointed him to the important post of Viceroy of Peru. His son, Antonio Sebastián Álvarez de Toledo y Salazar, Second Marquis, was also Viceroy of Mexico and was named Grandee of Spain by Charles II in 1687.


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