Mancera and the Origin of the Discalced Carmelite

In a small corner of the town centre, Mancera de Abajo preserves an important fragment of history. The ruins of the ancient stately palace and mill, along with the Carmelite convent, tell the story of a town with a glorious past.

When Saint Teresa set about expanding the Carmelite Reform by founding the second convent for nuns in Medina del Campo, she also embarked on the more difficult task of reforming the Carmelite Friars. Arriving in Medina, she shared her dream with Friar Antonio de Jesús and Friar Juan de Santo Matía (St. John of the Cross). Deeply moved, they offered to implement it as soon as possible.

In 1568, on a small, impoverished piece of property on the Duruelo estate donated by a nobleman from Avila, the dream became a reality with the founding of the first monastery for male Discalced Carmelites. In 1570, this first foundation was moved here, to Mancera de Abajo, marking the beginning of a close relationship between the town and the Carmelite order that continues to this day.


Ayuntamiento de Mancera de Abajo. 2018
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